I have grown up hearing that saturated fats are unhealthy fats and should be avoided. But realistically speaking anything that is naturally found in the world is not unhealthy rather the amount being used or a certain type of saturated fat that may be unhealthy. All fats have something that is important for the human body except for the fats that are artificially processed. As insight gained from the chemical bonding of fatty acids tell us that saturated fats are burned in the body for fuel that goes in the cell membranes. Alternatively the unsaturated fats are used for building cellular membranes. Both forms of fats have their importance and researches show that there are different types of fats that make you gain weight like sunflower oil, soy bean oil etc.

Coconut Oil is a healthy choice for cooking as it has a delicious flavor as well as disease prevention properties. Companies have been using it for products like skin moisturizers, massage oils, sunscreens, ulcers, burns and wounds, hair treatment and anti lice products and even medicines that dissolve kidney stones or treat cholera.

Using Coconut Oil as a Substitute

Using coconut oil as a substitute to other oils in cooking makes it easier to reduce weight as it does not cause abnormal blood levels of cholesterol. It has some kind of anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and fever. It has the ability to heal wounds and increase the process of development of tissues and new blood vessels in the body.

We are in the extreme transit stage of life from an active open living style to a closed passive couched lifestyle where we spend most of our time in front of a computer, TV, Play Station, mobiles, iPods etc. walking, exercising, cycling are only part of the gym routine for most of us. Therefore it is highly important for us to start changing our eating habits in order to stay healthy and disease free.

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