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Is Biomolecular Engineering Right For You?

What is Biomolecular Engineering?

Biomolecular engineering focuses on manufacturing of biochemicals.

Benefits of studying Biomolecular Engineering

This is Biomolecular engineering era. Biomolecular engineering will no doubt soon become one of the very important scientific disciplines globally because it'll enable comprehensive and systematic analyses of gene expression patterns in cells, as well as the discovery of many new high-value molecules.

Career as a Biomolecular Engineer

As a Biomolecular Engineer you create consumer products and equipment used by pharmaceutical companies, chemical manufacturers and biomedical engineering firms.

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Is Structural Engineering Right for You?

What is Structural Engineering?

Structural Engineering focuses on structures that support or resist structural loads.

Benefits of studying Structural Engineering

If you would like to design framework of buildings, tunnels, dams, bridges, pipelines, this degree is for you. Structural Engineering is considered specialty of Civil Engineering, and offers a lot to its degree holder.

Career as a Structural Engineer

According to a recent statistics by The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), civil engineering including most of its specialties like Structural engineering attracts faster-than-average job opportunities. Average salaries that a structural Engineer earns is $83000.

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Is Software Engineering Degree Right For You?

What is Software Engineering?

It is a sub-branch of Computer Engineering and is concerned with development, operations and maintenance of software.

Benefits of Studying Software Engineering

As a software engineer or a software developer you will be involved in developing, deploying and maintaining software that is reliable, fast, secure and cost-effective. You may be developing websites, creating mobile apps or desktop software. If you are a computer geek who loves working with computers, you will love to become a programmer after studying Software Engineering Degree. Remember, though programming is not easy compared to other IT related tasks such as database management or networking.

Career as a Software Engineer

With a Software Engineering Degree, you will find numerous opportunities awaiting for software engineers. A software engineer enjoys getting an average salary of $92000 per annum. Jobs for a software engineer are expected to grow by 46% in the next 10 years. However, note that programming is not an easy job, not everyone who is a computer geek can write computer programs. If you think you can handle eye-strain and offer great attention to detail, this career is for you, with a handsome amount of money in return. Furthermore, according to a recent CNN report, software engineering jobs were declared "Best Jobs in America", ahead of medicine, law, financing and other jobs.

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Is Network Engineering Degree Right For You?

What is Network Engineering?

It is sub-branch of Computer Engineering and is concerned with design, configuration and maintenance of computer networks, which includes Intranet, Internet, Extranets.

Benefits of Studying Network Engineering

Is Networking Engineering degree right for you? Well, if you like to work with computer communication technologies, this is the Degree for you. You will be developing, installing, updating, and maintaining everything related to computer networks and communications. It is an interesting Degree, which gives you touch of all - Hardware, communication and software.

Career as a Network Engineer

As a Network Engineer, you are likely to work in flexible work hours and days. Jobs for Network Engineers are increasing. There are plenty of jobs for a Network Engineer. The average salary a Network Engineer gets is $91000.

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