Facebook has changed the ways things were and the way life used to be. Same goes for business ventures. Many people have built their businesses on Facebook and they are doing pretty well. Analyzing successful businesses run through Facebook, we have come across the following techniques that could help you build your business on this social media platform.

  • Connect with people on Facebook. Add people even if you have met them only once. This way you will have a very wide circle and your ideas would reach a lot of    

  • Create some pages and groups on Facebook that promote your business through different means. For example, one page could be solely promoting the commodities you sell and the other could be a cause-based page that in turn redirects the fans to your business page or website.

  • Enthusiasm and patience is what is needed to run a social platform. You need to create a buzz to attract the people and engage them with your ideas. You could look into your organization for such a social person and ask him to spend a few hours to create wonderful engaging posts. It will take time to build up a fan base and have an audience, but with sheer efforts, you will reach there.

  • Participate in people's post. Comment on their statuses and like their shares. They will definitely return them back. This will also help in creating a friendly environment and caring relationship between you and people. A social personality is a great asset to a good business.

  • Although playing around on Facebook is free but a little money could help you reach a lot more people. Buy Advertising on Facebook, use Facebook Ads. These ads target the particular audience that you want to access. It takes care of the geographical location, interests of people and a lot more. Even if most people don't click on these Ads, they would definitely notice your presence.

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The Power of Facebook

More than one billion people use Facebook. Simple mathematics yields that almost one out of every 7 people use Facebook, that means Facebook is quite a populated community. Facebook is fun, it is a good way to stay connected and it helps in numerous social causes as well, owing to the freedom it provides.

But the Downside of It...

But, just like any other thing in the world, Facebook has its downside as well. The freedom that this site provides could be used to sabotage someone on personal and professional levels. The power of Facebook is immense and it is overlooked by the majority of people. It is not merely a platform for socializing, but a great sink of personal data.

Some Ways Facebook Could be Used Against You

1. There are many fake accounts on Facebook. Some reports claim that there are as many as 83 million fake accounts on Facebook. These accounts are sometimes used just for fun. But many times, these fake accounts are used for harassing innocent people. Harassing women is quite common on Facebook. Women are sometimes exploited by using their personal data and photos.

2. Sometimes, harassment on Facebook involves more than one person.  Corporate cyber stalking is the process when a company harasses an individual or a group of people harass a company. This kind of tormenting is generally done with an agenda in mind. The interests could be ideological, social or material gains!

3. These days Facebook is flooded with Confession Communities of different institutions. These pages ensure anonymity for the confessor but they could be used to provoke individuals as well.

4. People sometimes become extremely casual on Facebook. Posting explicit images and statuses on Facebook or saying illegal stuff can cause serious detrimental effects on your professional image. The content could be used to sabotage you in the workplace.

5. The Facebook content could be used in legal cases. No matter what privacy settings you adhere to, the court could legally access almost your each and every activity to get to the bottom of the story.

These instances prove that Facebook could be quite lethal in some cases, and can easily be used against you. Be warned!

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Facebook is a household name, we all know about it. But there exist some interesting facts that we are unaware about. The social network is indeed surprising!

Following are some interesting facts about Facebook - the gigantic social media site.

Everyday, almost 250 million photos are uploaded on Facebook

Photo sharing is the most popular feature of Facebook. Just imagine the amount of pictorial data that the site holds! The idea of Photo Sharing was conceived by Sean Parker, the then President of Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg was hesitant in implementing it.

On an average, a Facebook user is linked to almost 85 pages

There are millions of Community Pages on Facebook. Each page has a different purpose and agenda. Some are just intended for fun. While most of us would have liked a few hundred of these Facebook pages, there are people who just don't care about them. So on average, it has been estimated that each individual is associated with 85 Facebook pages.

Facebook has been responsible for 1 out of 5 divorces in USA

Internet has made relationships vulnerable. The rate of infidelity is soaring high. According to a research, the word Facebook has appeared in every 1 out of 5 petitions for divorce, in one way or another. The easy accessibility that Facebook provides is remarkable but lethal when it comes to sensitive relationships.

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Facebook users who own mobile devices are twice as active as the others

It is speculated that in a few years, Facebook would be solely accessed from mobile devices owing to the boom in the Smartphones industry. Today, people who use Facebook through their mobile devices or Smartphones are far more active on the site as compared to the ones who use Desktop PCs.

Almost 30 million accounts on Facebook belong to the deceased

This might appear haunting but it is a true fact that more that 30 million Facebook users have passed away and their accounts still exist. Facebook provides the facility of memorializing the accounts on the basis of any written proof of expiry provided by the deceased's relatives.

Interesting facts, indeed!

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Facebook has taken over the world and every single person is found on the social network. One might suspect what would be the future of Facebook. Let's first see how Facebook has performed for all these years of its existence, and whether Facebook is going to live in the coming years?

The Early Years of Facebook

Launched in 2004, the network had local success. After some time, it was globalized and it was turned into serious business. The number of subscriptions was medium till 2008 but after that the graph of Facebook popularity has been soaring high. The growth has been exponential from 2008 till date.

The Amazing Power of Sharing

Facebook has proven to be the best medium of interaction. The power of sharing and creating groups is something that makes it utterly unique and none of the other popular social networks provide the users with the opportunity of creating such comprehensive and effective groups. Now, even when new social platforms are introduced, people don't really think of migrating to a new site as they have already established themselves and matured with Facebook. Moving to a new social media is just like moving out from a family home and into a totally alien place; nobody wants that!

The Ever Changing Network

Facebook has never been stagnant. It has evolved each day and new ideas and layouts are always being created. This is the biggest reason due to which people never get bored of it and are always interested in experiencing the new ways that Facebook offers. The text based chat, video chat, email, timeline, graph search; everything has been added to the design of the social network eventually. This innovation makes it lively. The team of Facebook puts a special focus on creating new ways of interaction. This will keep on happening, the platform will keep on evolving and it will never lose its users.

Facebook will Live!

Facebook has been one of the most dramatic phenomenons of the turn of century. It has turned into a multi billion dollar online business. Mark Zuckerberg is going to do everything in his power to save his asset from any possible threat. Facebook is going to live!

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