How to Avoid the Dangers of Facebook

In the Dangers of using Facebook article, I explained the top 6 dangers of using the world's most heavily used social networking site - Facebook.  If you are a Facebook user, you should be aware of these dangers, and now let's look at 10 ways to avoid the dangers of Facebook.

1. Don't Share Anything with Non-Friends

Make sure not to allow those who are not in your network of Facebook fiends to see your Facebook Profile, your Facebook About page, your Friends list and your timeline.

It is especially important not to allow non-friends to see your Friends list because someone can easily impersonate any of your friends, by creating a fake profile having same name as your friend's and same profile picture. The evil-doer will then send you a friend request. You will accept it thinking it is a genuine friend request. Now, he is in, and can see all your information including your timeline, your personal information, your statuses, your travel details, and much more.

2. Don't Share Everything with Every Friend Either

Don't fully trust all your friends either. All friends are not always the same. Your friend who has most of your secrets can become your worst enemy if situation between you two changes. Therefore, have boundaries.

To achieve this, don't post your correct date of birth, or at least don't post all parts of your DoB (Year, Month, Day) correct. Don't make all your posts visible to all your friends. Hide your statuses about traveling, office, home, etc from friends who you think could be jealous, or could be threat to you in any stage of your life. Remember, the more you reveal what you are doing, where you are, the spies, the identity thieves, the evil-doers will immediately take notice.

3. Protect Your Credit/Debit Cards

Think twice before uploading your credit card information on Facebook for payment of services like Facebook Ads, etc. Delete the card info from the site, if you are no longer advertising.

4. Don't Post Location of Your Whereabouts

Avoid posting locations where pictures were taken. Also don't geotag your photos, which shows exact location.

5. Be Careful with Third Party Applications

Don't trust all Facebook applications or games, whether on a desktop PC or in your Android or iOS phone. Many a times, when you download an app, it asks your permission to read your Facebook profile, or your personal information on Facebook. Most of us are in habit of clicking the 'Accept' button immediately, without reading the permission detail. Any app that doesn't require any login before you can use it, or any app that has nothing to do with account creation or Facebook shouldn't be asking for a Facebook permission.

So, always be careful with this. Whenever you are promoted to accept the permission for using the app, make sure you understand the use of app and read the permissions properly. Do not accept the permissions if they look dodgy. Tons of evil apps are out there which steal your personal information from your computer or mobile phone and from your Facebook account or they do things on Facebook in your name because you allowed the app to do so. So, always be very careful.

6. Strong Passwords

Create long and complex password and still change it at least once a month. Also, it is important now to use the same password on every different site i.e same password for Facebook, for your email account, etc.

7. Do not use public Wi-Fi.

8. Antivirus

Always make sure you have updated antivirus installed on your computer.

9. Web Browser

When your browser prompts to download any update, don't ignore it, accept to download it immediately.

10. Be vigilant!

Hope you found this information useful and that now you can say that you are now aware of dangers of using Facebook and also how to be safe from these dangers :)

Find below the top extreme facts about Facebook, which you will find astonishing.


There have been murders for which Facebook has been blamed for. One such instance was happened in 2015 when a woman murdered a couple just because they unfriended her on Facebook.

Not only this, Facebook has also been referenced in all kind of crime investigations including rape, murder, robbery. Furthermore, Facebook has also been involved in cases like divorces, family breakups, etc.

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Facebook Tracks Websites You Visit and Emails

Have you ever noticed on your Facebook profile or other Facebook pages that the ads that are displayed there are very relevant to the website that you have recently opened? It is because Facebook tracks your internet browsing and shows you ads that are related to the sites you visit. 

Not only this, have you also ever noticed that the Friend Suggestions include names of people whom you recently sent email to or who sent you email? This happens because Facebook also reads email addresses in your email client, whether it is web mail or desktop i.e Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc

Blocking Facebook Owner - Mark Zuckerberg

You wouldn't perhaps ever need to block the Facebook owner Mark, but you can't even do it, if you try to do so.

Facebook in China

Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009. Extra information: Many famous websites including Gmail, Yahoo, Google Maps, BBC and more also blocked for use in China.

Chess Game in Facebook Messenger

In Messenger window of a friend, type "@FBCHESS PLAY" to play game of chess with your friend

Ocean of Photos

Every day, more than three hundred million photos are posted by people on Facebook. It is approximately 550 TB of data!

Non-Real Facebook Accounts

More than 9% of Facebook accounts are fake. This includes:

  •  45+ million duplicate accounts. People forget their username or password and create new accounts and it is very common among people to forget their  Facebook login credential.

  •  23+ million business accounts which are not really created by business owners.

  •  14+ million accounts created only to spread spam and malicious links.

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Facebook Search is not used for a profile search only but for many other purposes too. Read on for many different great uses of Facebook search, which you might not be aware of yet.

1. Search for posts

Enter in a search box terms like 'photos of Adam with me', and it will show you all photo posts that have your and Adam's name in them. 

2. Search for a person with his/her email or contact number or name

You can enter in a search box any email address or contact number, and Facebook will show you the Facebook profile associated with that contact number/email address. Or simply enter person's name e.g. Harris John', you will see result for all 'Harris John' who have their profile on Facebook.

3. Search for posts or photos by a specific person 

Enter in Facebook search box terms like 'posts by Alena Sika' or 'posts by me', it will show you all posts by 'Alena Sika', or yourself.  

You can filter on posts as well when you enter the above-mentioned terms. For example, you may enter in search box 'posts by me "cars" ', and it will show you all your posts where you have mentioned the word 'cars'. Make sure to put 'cars or any other of your term in the search box in " " .

Another filter you can use is of the date. For example, enter in search box 'photos of Alena Sika from 2012', and you will only see photos shared by 'Alena Sika' in year 2012.

4. Search for things liked or done by someone

You can enter in Facebook search 'posts liked by 'Alena Sika', and it will show you all the posts that are liked by 'Alena Sika'.

You can also enter things that have been done, or being done by someone. For example, enter in search box 'my friends traveling to London', and you will see all your friends who traveled to London, with their travel detail.  Another example is 'my friends who work at London Heathrow Airport', and you will see all your friends who work at London Heathrow airport.

Note that Facebook isn't a magic thing, hence it will only show you specific search results, if your friends have ever mentioned about that thing in their timeline

5. Search for a business page for their services/product or contact detail

Enter in Facebook search box any business name like 'Hardees in London', the search result will show you the business page, which you can open to view all detail about the business.

6. Search for a specific type of business in an area.

If you want to search for barbers in London for example, enter in the search box 'Barbers in London', you will get list of all barbers in London. Note only those ones will show in the result who have create their profile on Facebook.

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Ever wondered how you can see which of your phone contacts are on Facebook?  It would be awesome to find out your phone contacts on Facebook and connect with them, no?

It is very easy to find your phone contacts on Facebook, and then connect with them. Facebook provides us with a very easy feature that allows us to do that.

Steps to find your mobile phone contacts on Facebook, using your phone Facebook app, are described below.

1. Click on the Friends icon, on top of the Facebook App.

2. Click on Add Contacts icon, at bottom-right of the App.

3. Click 'Upload Contacts'.

That's it, you're done :)

You will be displayed names and pictures of your mobile phone contacts on the Facebook app. To connect with them, click on the blue 'Add Friend' button in front of the name. To view their profile first before sending them friend request, click on their names or pictures.

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