Graph Search is a search engine introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It allows users to use natural language queries to search for the required results instead of links. The information required to carry out different searches is obtained from the users' own network of friends as well as Microsoft's Bing search engine.

The Graph Search was initially launched in January 2013 as a preview for some English users in the United States. Although the Graph Search uses a search logarithm which is similar to that used by traditional search engines like Google, it has the capability to match phrases and objects on Facebook.

What Does Graph Search Do

The Graph Search will enable the users to carry out detailed searches by just using a short combination of words. For example, if a person wants to know that which of his friends like Harry Potter movies, he will just have to type 'friends who like Harry Potter' in the search bar. Similarly if someone wants to find some people who live in New York, he will simply have to search 'people who live in New York'. The users can also make some complicated searches like 'friends who live in Paris and like Cristiano Ronaldo'. All in all, the Graph Search feature of Facebook will make it a lot easier for the users to carry out searches and find out about people with specific interests from all over the world.

Graph Search will also enable people to search photographs taken at a particular place of their interest, for example one can easily take a look at some pictures of the Great Wall of China by searching 'photos of the Great Wall of China'.

But people are already concerned about their privacy even though the feature hasn't been launched yet. Nobody wants an unknown person to view their private photos and have a look at their personal information. People don't want others to know about some embarrassing pages that they have liked. Facebook has ensured its users that others won't be able to view those pieces of information that they have hidden from them.

So before the Graph Search is released, make sure that you have updated your privacy settings to solve some of the issues that may be encountered during the initial days of this feature.

What You Can Search With Facebook Graph Search
  • Photos of underwater photography
  • Friends who live in your city
  • Ski-resorts your friends have been to
  • Restaurants nearby that your friends like
  • Photos of your friends, from your high school

Facebook has changed the ways things were and the way life used to be. Same goes for business ventures. Many people have built their businesses on Facebook and they are doing pretty well. Analyzing successful businesses run through Facebook, we have come across the following techniques that could help you build your business on this social media platform.

  • Connect with people on Facebook. Add people even if you have met them only once. This way you will have a very wide circle and your ideas would reach a lot of    

  • Create some pages and groups on Facebook that promote your business through different means. For example, one page could be solely promoting the commodities you sell and the other could be a cause-based page that in turn redirects the fans to your business page or website.

  • Enthusiasm and patience is what is needed to run a social platform. You need to create a buzz to attract the people and engage them with your ideas. You could look into your organization for such a social person and ask him to spend a few hours to create wonderful engaging posts. It will take time to build up a fan base and have an audience, but with sheer efforts, you will reach there.

  • Participate in people's post. Comment on their statuses and like their shares. They will definitely return them back. This will also help in creating a friendly environment and caring relationship between you and people. A social personality is a great asset to a good business.

  • Although playing around on Facebook is free but a little money could help you reach a lot more people. Buy Advertising on Facebook, use Facebook Ads. These ads target the particular audience that you want to access. It takes care of the geographical location, interests of people and a lot more. Even if most people don't click on these Ads, they would definitely notice your presence.

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Searching for Facebook alternatives? You're on the right page. Facebook is undoubtedly the most populous social media network but many people are unhappy about its new security policies, or they need a change. So, if you are looking for best alternatives to Facebook, there are numerous social media platforms out there for you that you will find good alternatives to Facebook. Whether you are unhappy about the new privacy policies or you want to try something new, here is a list of the closest and best alternatives to Facebook that you should try:


Google made news when it launched the new Google+ social platform.  Google+ is one of the strongest competitor and closest Facebook alternative. There are a lot of advantages associated with Google+. Firstly, it is integrated with the many Apps of Google. So you practically get everything in one place. Secondly, it offers different social circles for all the people you are connected with. Hence, you can manage your relationships in a more natural way. The mobile App for Google+ is considered better and faster than that of Facebook. If you didn't join Google+ back in the days when it was launched just because it felt like a ghost town, trying it now won't be a disappointment!


Habbo has 200 million registered users. It is a theme based social platform where each of the user has a hotel that he could shape up according to his personality and area of interest. It does not allow chat and hence some people believe that it is targeted towards a younger audience. It is more like a social interactive game. It could be fun for people who want to try something different from Facebook.


Analysts suggest that the social media networking trends of 2019 would be interest based. If you enjoy interacting with people who share the same interests with you then Pinterest is a great site to join and an addictive alternative to Facebook as well!

Pinterest offers bulletin boards where you could add the images of your interest. You could maintain different bulletin boards for different interests. You could find new people who share the same interests as you. This social platform is quite different from Facebook but in no way less interesting or addictive!


A Twitter profile seems more like a personalized newspaper. It has been found that the teens in USA are trending more towards Twitters as compared to Facebook. The reason is that there are too many adults of Facebook; parents, teachers and a lot of drama, teens from America said. Anybody, who doesn't like a lot of nosy people around them, could shift to Twitter.


Tagged is a California based Social platform with more that 100 million users. It is quite famous with high school kids who want to socialize based on same interest domains. It is quite like Facebook as it allows messages, finding friends, playing games and maintaining a profile. If you bring a bunch of friend on Tagged and start using it as the primary social media platform, you won't miss Facebook!


Diaspora allows complete ownership of user data unlike Facebook. It allows users to be able to download all their data from the site. It allows similar privacy settings as Facebook; users can make their posts visible to limited or public audience.

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Facebook is a household name, we all know about it. But there exist some interesting facts that we are unaware about. The social network is indeed surprising!

Following are some interesting facts about Facebook - the gigantic social media site.

Everyday, almost 250 million photos are uploaded on Facebook

Photo sharing is the most popular feature of Facebook. Just imagine the amount of pictorial data that the site holds! The idea of Photo Sharing was conceived by Sean Parker, the then President of Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg was hesitant in implementing it.

On an average, a Facebook user is linked to almost 85 pages

There are millions of Community Pages on Facebook. Each page has a different purpose and agenda. Some are just intended for fun. While most of us would have liked a few hundred of these Facebook pages, there are people who just don't care about them. So on average, it has been estimated that each individual is associated with 85 Facebook pages.

Facebook has been responsible for 1 out of 5 divorces in USA

Internet has made relationships vulnerable. The rate of infidelity is soaring high. According to a research, the word Facebook has appeared in every 1 out of 5 petitions for divorce, in one way or another. The easy accessibility that Facebook provides is remarkable but lethal when it comes to sensitive relationships.

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Facebook users who own mobile devices are twice as active as the others

It is speculated that in a few years, Facebook would be solely accessed from mobile devices owing to the boom in the Smartphones industry. Today, people who use Facebook through their mobile devices or Smartphones are far more active on the site as compared to the ones who use Desktop PCs.

Almost 30 million accounts on Facebook belong to the deceased

This might appear haunting but it is a true fact that more that 30 million Facebook users have passed away and their accounts still exist. Facebook provides the facility of memorializing the accounts on the basis of any written proof of expiry provided by the deceased's relatives.

Interesting facts, indeed!

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