Why Should I Use Facebook?

Many people who haven't yet used Facebook ask question "why should i use Facebook". There are many reasons as to why you should use Facebook. The following are the reasons to use Facebook

Big Audience To Network With

Facebook has over 900 million users worldwide, and more than 10% of the USA internet activity is performed at the Facebook.  At Facebook you can network with people from different walks of the life, from different cities, countries. You can add them as friend, communicate with them, exchange ideas, pictures, videos and chat with each other.

Content Sharing

You can share your images, videos, even share your current status with others i.e what you have done today, what you're wearing, etc etc.

Comments and Feedback

Whatever status, image or video you share with people at facebook.com, they can then leave a comment on that. There is also a Like button there that they can click to show they liked your sharing.


You can create and promote events. Maybe you are arranging a birthday party, a seminar, a training workshop or anything like that. Facebook allows you to create and manage events. You can invite people to join you, send queries etc at Facebook.

Traffic Generator

If you have a personal or business website and you want generate traffic to it, Facebook can help. When you have many friends connected with you and you share with them your website, most likely many of them will open your website. In addition to friends, you can also share your website with non-friends, and groups.


Facebook is available in 70 languages so no matter which country you are from you will be able to use it with ease, in your own language.

These were the reasons why you should use Facebook. Moreover, using Facebook does not require any IT or any other skills. Any one can start using Facebook easily, without learning how to use it first. Just by spending a few minutes you will know most of it. Facebook can be accessed through PCs, mobile phones, smart phones, iPad and many other mobile devices. This is one of the great Facebook advantages because no matter where you are you can share, comment, and do all other Facebook activity, with ease.

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Find out what the negative effects of Facebook on us are. There are many negative effects associated with Facebook. This social networking website is blamed for causing troubles in relationships, causing health problems, privacy problem and much more. Read on and find out what are the negative effects of Facebook on young and adult.

No Social Activity Outside Internet

Have you noticed people have become so much heavy users of Facebook that their physical interactions with friends, colleagues and family members

have drastically decreased.  People have forgotten they used to go to their loved ones, when they had long chit chat sessions about various topics, shared their problems, had lunch or dinner together, and did a lot of other things together.

Facebook and also other social networking sites have ruined the natural going of young and adult alike. This seems that this isn't very far when the little physical interaction that now happens very infrequently will also stop because Facebook is addictive and people have now used to using it, they have forgotten the value of physical interaction, which is real social networking.

Bad for Health

Most Facebook users are addictive to it. Now every kid knows that they besides social networking, they can also play games on Facebook.  The bombardment of tons of games available on Facebook, besides the social networking feature, the Facebook has very much effected the physical as well as mental health of the people.

Now due to Facebook, lesser children play physical games. Of course PSP and other video consoles have their impact too but due to Facebook more people have stopped their physical activities. Being online on Facebook for social networking and for playing games for long times, Facebook has ruined people's eye-sight, mental and physical health .

Less Time for Study

The majority of the Facebook users are school, college or university going people. Nowadays there won't be anyone who doesn't has his or her Facebook account and having Facebook account means long hours will be spent on Facebook.  Therefore studies are very much affected due to use of Facebook.  Pupils now even use Facebook during the class, while paying lesser attention to the lecturer. What worse could be than this?

No or Very Little Privacy

Many Facebook users do not know or are may be are  not concerned about their online Privacy. They update their status, which shows up to all of their friends, and this could possibly become cause of problems or conflicts.  What if you didn't want to share your new status or the picture you uploaded with everyone? If right privacy is not used, you are maybe unaware that your privacy is being infringed, and soon you will end up having relationship conflicts or other sort of issues.

The problem is that most users are not aware of Facebook Privacy and many do not take it seriously, due to which their private information is leaked out due to which social problems arise. The worse thing is that even with all the Privacy settings turned on, many of your so called friends have accessed your pictures and personal information.

Troubles in Relationships

One recent report blamed Facebook for 1 in every 5 divorces. Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak got divorced due to Facebook. There are many other examples. An American lawyer said that Facebook is one of the major sources of causing troubles in relationships. Read about the things you shouldn't do on Facebook when in relationship, here.

If your one posts on Facebook is in contradiction to your previously made promises and statements, the spouse will be the first to notice it and make use of that as evidence. Moreover, chatting with friends make spouse feel neglected and it can create doubt that you are getting involved in a new relationship. This kind of problems arise due to use of Facebook.

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In the advantages of Facebook article we learnt benefits of using Facebook to individuals. There are advantages of Facebook to businesses, too. This article highlights advantages that Facebook offers to businesses.

You can Target Specific Audience for Marketing Your Product or Service

Facebook provides you specific market plans that would perfectly suit you. You can target people of specific ages, from different countries, sex. You can even target people who have specified interests, or who work in specific companies, and many more such options are available to target the right customers.

You Get Heavy Traffic To Your Website

If you are wanting to bring lots of traffic to your website, you can trust Facebook ads to attract thousands of people to visit your website. At every hour thousands of people are online on Facebook. When they see the ad, a very good number of people would click it and come on to your website.

You Can Find and Connect with Experts

Thousands of Experts of different subjects have their accounts on Facebook.  You can search an expert whom you need expertise of. There are individuals and organizations on Facebook that can be searched and connected with to get expert help from.

It's Free To Communicate

With Facebook text chat, audio and video chat, you can talk to any expert who you are connected to, for free. There is no charge in talking with them at Facebook at all.

Viral Marketing

One of the greatest advantages of Facebook to businesses is that when you create a business page or a group at Facebook, interested people would not only like it but also share it with their friends. This way you can find tons of new customers through others.

User Comments

When you advertise a product or service on a Facebook page, you can identify negative and positive comments of people. This way you can find out the potential and success ability of your product or service.

These were the top benefits of Facebook to businesses. Do you use Facebook to sell your product or service? Comment below, sharing with others your experience. 


Everyone nowadays use a lot of Facebook for doing many different things. Imaging Facebook disappears suddenly! So, how you are going to do what you do on Facebook, without Facebook.

Here are the things you currently do on Facebook and which you can do without Facebook.

Social Activities

1. Chat with someone

By leaving Facebook, you can chat with your friends by numerous way. You can use chatting Apps on your smart phone like WhatsApp, Viber. Alternatively, you may chat with someone using phone's SMS feature.

2. Share photos with others

Without using Facebook, you can share your photos with others using many different apps. You can use Instagram, or even using Whatsapp or other similar app, you can share your pics with others. You can even create groups on Whatsapp and share your pics with specific people and get comments too.

3.. Call/video call someone

Without using Facebook, you can call anyone using your mobile phone, or even using Apps like Viber, WhatsApp etc.

4. Play games

You can play games online. There are numerous websites where you can play single, multiple player games. Alternatively, you can use a gaming console such as PS 4, or you can download games on your smart phone.

5. Find people

You can search for people and view their different detail on various websites if they have entered it. For example, you can find someone on Linkedin, Google Plus. Or if you simply search on Google with someones full name, you might find thier detail on other sites too.

6. Create a post and receive comments

You can create a group of friends on Watsapp and write something for others to read. Following, this your friends in that group will start giving their comments. You can also do that using many other apps, even with your phone's SMS feature. Remember, that you can send both text and images using SMS and Whatsapp and other such communication apps.

7. Read news or read something about a product

You can read news on numerous online news websites such as bbc.com, etc. You can also search and read about any product on many different websites. Anything from item price to user review or anything else can be found on numerous other websites.

Business Activities

1. Advertise your product/service/business

Without Facebook, you can still place online ads, using many other renowned services such as Google Adwords and others.

2. Post about upcoming events (training/show/sport/etc) or sell a product/service

Without using Facebook, you can still post about your events and sell your products/services. You can do so by creating your own website and post about the events there.

3. Publish detail about your product/service

Without using Facebook pages, you can still publish anything online such as product/service information, location map, contact detail, etc. You can do so on your own website. 

So these are the top things you can do without Facebook. Imaging life without Facebook and with alternatives instead! Do you feel peace in mind? Also recommended for you to read more about Facebook:

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