What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is a newly developed technique used by a lot of small and large businesses in their struggle to be right in front of the customer's eye. The significance of internet marketing varies from product to product and market to market like it is highly significant for electronics equipment manufacturers like Cisco who gains most of its global revenue online. It also works well for airlines who sell their tickets online and serves the customer queries and requests through the internet.

Other than purchasing, internet provides access to any form of information required like in the case of buying cars people have not yet shifted to online

purchase of cars however they are able to browse the websites of different car manufacturers, dealers and distributors who keep on maintaining and updating information regards the cars specifications, prices, variations, models etc which helps the buyer as an influencer and also as a help in making buying decisions.  As life is becoming highly technology driven, people spend most of their time on the internet and not on the traditional media like TV, FM etc and so manufacturing companies too are shifting their marketing focus on to internet marketing.

Why Internet Marketing Instead of Traditional Marketing Methods?

Internet is a medium that can help increase the frequency with which a customer interacts or connects to the brand. People who are brand loyal use this medium as an advantage to know all about their favorite brand in a glimpse of seconds. Smart manufacturers like Tango (a soft drink) has competitions and games on its website to encourage the customer's interaction with the brand. Others like Pampers use social networking sites to connect to its customers.

Internet marketing is increasingly becoming beneficial to businesses and is now considered as an essential part of the integrated marketing mix for most companies as alone it is able to support the entire marketing process. There are so many benefits of internet marketing. It is an easy, quick and cost effective marketing tool for companies while for customers it's the easiest way to connect to their choice of products and services.

Internet connectivity through satellite is called Satellite broadband. This is a wireless technology, provides internet facility anywhere in the world. It is considered to be a successful way to connect fastest internet. Now there is no need of long cables, landline connections and old booster antennas.

Satellite broadband is a technology, linked to a subscriber service of dish network and provides internet signals similar to other internet or broadband technologies but now there is also no need of dish antenna as well.

Satellite broadband is very simple technology ever before. A broadband chip is inserted in USB port of Computer and receives direct signals from satellite. It does not need any extra configurations. Just insert it into the USB port, it will automatically configure with computer and our computer connects to the web within few seconds. In past, everyone could not get DSL connection and internet cable services everywhere. Particularly, rural and country side areas were unable to get fastest internet. It was necessary to have typical landline connections. Secondly storms, heavy rains and winds highly affect the connectivity through cables.

DSL subscriber needs connection within 5486 meters of phone exchange. So, it is not possible for everyone to get this facility everywhere. In ADSL broadband technology, the speed does not remain stable due to occurrence of fault in cables and sometimes, internet may stops going further. On the other hand, Satellite broadband connection does not require a landline telephone connection and it keeps permanent connection to the internet with steady signals and stable speed.

While there are many advantages of Satellite broadband, there are also some disadvantages. It is very costly to set up than normal DSL. Subscriber has to pay a large amount for installation and the hardware device. Some weather conditions can affect the speed and signals but the main disadvantage is high latency, the delay in transfer of signals. Each command from computer travels 22,300 miles to the satellite which transfer it again back to the earth to service provider at 22,300 miles. After the exchange from internet router, the data sent to satellite and than back to the computer covering 44,600 miles again. It may cause the delay in signals. But in spite of this, Satellite broadband is a successful technology due to many reasons. Anytime and anywhere, you can get Internet facility because of its portability.

There many advantages to using the Internet such as:


We all use Email. Email has become an essential tool for our daily life communications. We use email to send a message to friends, colleagues, relatives, businesses, etc. This has been made possible by the existence of the internet.

Using email is free. We all are aware of hotmail, yahoo, Gmail and other such email services. Using any of these Email service, we can create our email account and start sending messages for free.


Abundance of information is available on the internet. Whether we need to read latest news, know about a latest technology, car, electronics, or anything else, or you want to find out about beautiful places to visit etc, internet is there for you with all the information that you need.

Home-Based Jobs

There are many online jobs available on the internet nowadays. These jobs home-based jobs, and also freelance, meaning that you can do as much work as you want, without any obligations.  Online jobs that are available include, but not limited to data entry, article writing, link building, SEO, providing help, service of any sort to individuals or groups or a company.

Find out how you can set up your own online earning system, read article how to make money with Google Adsense.


One of the top advantages of internet is presence of online services. There are tons of online services available on the internet nowadays. For example you can use online banking of your bank for transferring funds to a friend. You can buy goods online, you can book a hotel, reserve a ticket, apply for jobs and lots more.

Social Networking

Who hasn't heard about Facebook. There are a few great social networking websites that allow you to interact with friends, send them messages, share your pictures etc. Among a few famous social networking websites, Facebook is the most common website. To learn about Facebook, read article what is Facebook.com

There are many advantages of using Facebook. To learn about that, read article advantages of Facebook.com


There are many online shopping websites. You can take advantage of these by staying at home and buying whatever you want without going out. Read here the advantages of shopping online

These are advantages of Internet. Hope you found this information useful.
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What are the common uses of internet? There are many uses of the Internet. Internet serves community of all ages, entertains them, provides them with information. People can download software for their computers, make phone or video call over Internet and do much more. The benefits of Internet do not end here, Internet offers a lot of benefits to people of all age groups. Let's glance at some of the uses of Internet.

Search Engines

In the previous times, searching information on any possible topic was quite hard and extremely time consuming. Finding the exact text was mostly impossible. People had to search through magazines,

books, academic journals and news papers to get something near to their requirement. However internet makes search on any possible topic as easy as piece of cake. All the user has to do is open the homepage of a search engine page of Google, Yahoo or other search engine and type his required search. After that he is provided with a massive collection of related information and that too free of cost. There are certain searching techniques that make the search more effective. One such technique is to write the searched text in square brackets.

Software Applications

A lot of software applications can be downloaded free of cost using the internet technology. All the user has to do is browse a downloading website and save the required application in his system memory. All websites offering downloading services are not safe and reliable, thus the user has to be sure about his selection. Similarly all websites do not offer free ware applications. Some of the applications downloaded commonly include device drivers, multimedia applications, documentation tools and system security applications. Updates for system applications like printer drivers, anti virus application and anti spy ware applications are also available on the internet.


Getting the latest movies and songs free of cost is no more problem. All categories of movies and songs in multiple file formats can be downloaded. For movies that are quite large in size, torrents are available that increase the downloading speed. Similarly images related to all possible subjects can be found easily. These include celebrity wallpapers, software snapshots and corporate images.


In the conclusion it can be said that there are tons of common use of the internet. Internet is a very helpful facility that makes every task extremely convenient. Although it does carry negative factors in the form of malicious content and obscenity but these problems can be combated with anti virus applications and parental soft wares. There are many many uses of Internet, and people are already taking advantage from the benefits of internet. Without a doubt, Internet has made people's lives a lot easier.

These were common uses of internet!

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