With so many advantages of YouTube for the video publishers, there are also some disadvantages. Although the disadvantages are not something serious, they may be very important for some publishers. Read on and learn about the disadvantages of YouTube for video publishers.

1. Advertisement

Ads that show on YouTube videos may push the viewers away, and this will affect your viewership.

2. Branding

You cannot display a company logo on your YouTube videos

3. Click-to-Website

You cannot make your YouTube video click to any website. So, if you wanted to direct your viewers to your website to convert them to leads or customers, you can't do it this way.

4. Unexpected Video Removal

YouTube can remove your any video without giving you any reason for the removal. 

5. Customer Service

There is no way to get a personal support from YouTube on your videos, or your YouTube account.

These were the disadvantages of YouTube for video makers.
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