How to Earn Money From YouTube

How to Earn Money From YouTube

Do you have a video camera, internet access, and know how to use both? If so, you’re in luck! You can start earning money through YouTube by monetizing your videos, or even uploading free content that other people pay to see. Here’s how to get started and learn how to make money from Youtube.

Find Your Niche

If you want to start making money online, but aren’t sure how, begin by researching niche topics that interest you. Do a Google search for terms that interests you. Choose a niche which you can work on for long term and which will not bore you. You will be creating a lot of content so make sure you will be enjoying creating videos.

Get It Up Here

Once you’ve selected your channel name and signed up for a Google AdSense account, it’s time to get your videos up there. There are two ways to accomplish that: submit your video directly through YouTube or Vimeo, or create a custom landing page (and link from there). It all depends on whether you want more traffic from social media sites (submit direct) or if you prefer an SEO-friendly website with an email opt-in as well.

Test, Tweak, Repeat

While there’s no blueprint for what your channel or videos should look like, it’s important to put some thought into a consistent format. That doesn’t mean you need to shoot and post every day—in fact, every now and then, take a break from shooting. But if you do want to start making money from your videos, make sure you test out how much people are willing to pay for different types of content. Are people more likely to pay for specific information about your niche?

Monetize Your Channel

Monetizing your channel is a process that’s similar across most major video platforms, including YouTube. Simply enable payments through your account settings and then select how you want ads displayed—either pre-roll or mid-roll. In return for ad space, Google will pay you a share of revenue generated by clicks or views. To start earning money through Google AdSense, set up an account with AdSense and link it to your channel.

Manage Your Time

It's a good idea to set aside specific days or times each week for online earning. When you treat it like a real job, you are more likely to see results. Also, remember that it is very time-consuming. To get started, you need time to manage your account and search for new monetization opportunities.

If you were wondering how to earn money from YouTube, now you know!

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